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Vacuum Drying Plant (Hot Air Vacuum Oven-HAV)

Traditional drying of transformer insulation is done by hot air circulation in combination with vacuum cycles. This has been proven to work well for transformers in lower insulation ranges as well as for pre drying of windings.

Another option is to use the Hot Air Vacuum (HAV) in combination with oil impregnation and filling arrangement as well as ‘ISO-STATIC’ control. This option can be offered by CEE DEE –MICAVAC .

Why HAV? (Hot Air Vacuum Oven)

The vacuum drying chamber are used for drying the active part of transformers. During drying, the moisture absorbed by the transformer insulation will be extracted by the vacuum pumping system. It is possible to dry the transformer insulation and thereby reduce the condensation to negligible level by the end of the drying cycle.



  • Drying of power transformer, distribution transformer, capacitors are mandatory in order to withstand high electrical heads.

  • These plants are specially used for drying paper insulated windings of transformers and filling of insulated oil under vacuum.

  • By vacuum technique, the moisture is removed from the deep cavitations of windings paper. This improves the electrical parameters.

  • The autoclave are designed for fine vacuum, thermal expansion and to withstand to the temperature up to 200°c

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