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High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Plant

Electric transformers perform best when the insulating oil is devoid of moisture, dissolved gases and unwanted particles. Even new oils require some treatment to limit these contents to suitable levels. Contaminated oil loses its characteristics of dielectric strengths, resistivity and loss factor. Excessive moisture leads to acid and sludge formation.

CEE DEE VACUUM EQUIPMENT PVT LTD designs transformer oil filtration and purification plants that are utilised for dehydration, filtration and degassing of insulating oil. This easy-to-operate and compact equipment has a degassing column with single, two or three stage versions. Known for its precise engineering, these plants are manufactured in different specifications to suit the needs of diverse applications.


  • Capacity ranges from 50 LPH to 24000 LPH.

  • Inlet mesh filter is easy to clean and is used to hold back coarse dirt.

  • Standard efficiency of 0.5 / 1 micron cartridge filter.

  • Heat is exchanged through very low, specific density electric heaters.

  • Vacuum pumpset is provided along with rotary vane vacuum pump and roots to produce high vacuum during process.

  • Plants can be skid mounted, mobile, truck mounted etc.

  • Plants can be supplied with transformer evacuation system placed alongwith purification system.

Optional Features:

  • Condenser has the ability to send the most volatile/aromatic oil light fractions which might distill back to the degassing column.

  • An exhaust condenser to measure the extracted water.

  • Digital precision vacuum gauge.

  • Digital flow meter.

  • Digital inline moisture and gas content meter ( Micavac).

  • Ionic reaction columns to remove the acidity from the oil.

  • Audio visual fault announcement system.

  • PLC with SCADA control system.

  • Plants can be designed to achieve NAS std purity levels.


Online PPM and Gas Content Meter

This measuring device is used for continuous measurement of gas content at the outlet of the oil plant. Regulation of the measuring cell is automatically carried out over the entire measuring range so that no supervision of the measuring probe is required once the setting is done.


Evaluation of the gas blanket pressure, divided in gas and water pressure, is carried out manually, through the supplied break-even chart.

Measuring range:

Water content                  0.5 - 7ppm*
Air content                       0.001 - 0.08 vol%*
Oil temperature                approx 60° C
Oil viscosity                     max 50 cst

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