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On-line Transformer Desludging and Oil Regeneration Plant

At CEE DEE VACUUM EQUIPMENT PVT LTD, we believe in maintaining the highest quality standards in every aspect of manufacturing products.

This is why we rely on the best technology when it comes to “ON-LINE, ON-LOAD” Transformer oil treatment equipment.

Regeneration of transformer oil in the transformer tank is technically superior and more cost effective than the alternative procedure which involves draining, flushing and refilling.

In the latter, the acidic oil is removed from the insulation material which leads to contamination of the replaced oil.

The regenerated oil matches all the specifications and parameters of unused oil, thus saving its consumption. This system allows the refining medium to be re-activated 250-300 times before a recharge is required, thereby ensuring maximum output from minimum input. The m/c output oil quality has been standardised by IEEE, Std 637-1985 (R2007) and is globally referred as the standard reclamation technology.


These standards also take into account the safety precaution to be taken in m/c on-site during operation. The regeneration procedure not only makes the entire operation cost effective, but is also environmental friendly.

The plant essentially works on high vacuum and low temperature and de-sludges the accumulated acids, moisture and gases by processing them on-line. The plant comes with a comprehensive audio-visual working alarm system, which is automatically maintained, and controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

The operator interfaces with the plant through a standard computer running an operator friendly SCADA package (plant mimic), that indicates all the necessary information to operate the plant efficiently, with regard to its functioning, efficiency, flow rate, temperature, moisture content in oil and other features.

  • Model ranges from 3000 LPH to 20000   LPH •Generator back-up (optional)
  • Adjustable from 10-100% of rated capacity •On-load and off-load   transformer oil processing
  • Fully automatic plant    •Continues operation with dual   processing   system (optional)  
  • Online recording of temperature,                  
   vacuum and moisture. (PPM – optional)
•Online purification
  • Compact and easy to operate   • Online regeneration
  • Oil Testing Lab (optional)       • Online desludging




  1 Offline only.


Online or offline by choice.

Used oil must be drained and transported to regeneration facility.

  Used oil is regenerated in the transformer on-site. This eliminates removal or transportation costs.

New oil required for flushing incurs a cost.


No new oil required.

Flushing is not very effective. It reaches only over 10% of the interior surface if done through an inspection hole.

If the top lid is removed, only over 60% of the interior surface can be reached. Cooling fins are difficult to flush.

Approximately 20% of the contaminated oil remains trapped in the cellulose insulation.


Regeneration restores the oil to its original condition.

It also dissolves and removes the deposited sludge on the core and coils in the cooling fins and ducts and in between windings.

The adsorbed sludge (decayed material) in the cellulose insulation is also removed.

   5 The film of old oil remaining in the transformer and cellulose insulation contains polar compounds and can ruin large quantities of new oil.   No residual decay products.
The transformer is purged of contaminants.
   6 Vacuum needs to be drawn on the transformer before retro filling.   No vacuum drawing costs.
   7 Danger of spillage in oil handling and transport.  

No spillage danger through handling of oil.


Downtime estimated between 8 and 36 hours depending on the size of the transformer resulting in revenue loss.


No downtime with online regeneration, therefore no loss of revenue.


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